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Watch this space, a new addition to the Nature's Playground series is on its way!

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The Nature's Playground Series by Emily Ifsits

Get inspired to jump into your wellies and head to the woods, singing and dancing all the way!

All books are available worldwide on Amazon. Songs for Nature's Playground is also available on The Outdoor Learning Store.


Christmas in Nature's Playground

One Christmas Eve, deep in the woods, a little deer hears the jingle of bells overhead and receives a visit from Santa in need of help. One of his reindeer is poorly and needs a cosy place to stop and rest. But with just seven reindeer, he can't get his sleigh off the ground! So begins the exciting and heart-warming tale of The Deer Who Saved Christmas.

After enjoying the story, it is time to sing sleigh riding songs, create tasty campfire treats, nature themed crafts, and food for the hungry birds during the winter.

The perfect book to share with nature-loving children this Christmas.


Invitations to Nature's Playground

Invitations to Nature's Playground transports you into the wonderful imaginative world of a little boy called Fred who is playing in the woods with his bear, Ted. He is so delighted with his play and creations that he invites his friends, including you, to join him. Each poem has large colourful illustrations, and is followed by a handwritten invitation from Fred and Ted.

Whether a Forest School leader, teacher or parent, through these poems, you and your children will find lots of inspiration for your next outdoor adventures.


Songs for Nature's Playground

This is a colourful and joyful book which invites you to sing about the classic play and exploration that children enjoy during Forest School sessions and all woodland adventures. There are also songs for quiet times, encouraging children to think about on the beauty of the world around them and their relationship to it. The melodies are taken from classic nursery rhymes and traditional songs that make them immediately appealing and easy to pick up. There are QR codes linking to an audio recordings of each song and tips for exploring rhythm, dance and improvisation in the woodland.

The Nature's Playground Lauch Videos

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